7 comments on “Must Have Fantasy Novels

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  2. I have the first six of your list and while I reserve the right to re-order my favourites I agree with your choices. You do not often see it in top10 lists, but Legend by David Gemmell is one of the first fantasy books I ever read (after the original Shannara series and LOTR – my list would not be complete without Tolkien) and I found Druss to be one of the most amazing characters I have ever read. I became so emotionally attached to the old, flawed and cranky warrior that I have every single book Gemmel ever wrote. Waylander comes close but Druss is one of my favourite characters of all time.

    • I’ve tried reading the Shannara series… but the first book was just a blatant ripoff of the LOTR that I was incapable of reading more than the initial 150 pages or so… I can’t, for the life of me, understand how can that start turn into a series with such a big following…

      • Agreed, it steals plenty from the classic (few fantasies of the time did not) but I read it before LOTR and I was young without any reference point, and I believe the Shanarra series is intended for a younger reader anyway. Unfortunately I have not enjoyed the later (more recent) Brooks additions as much as I did the that first trilogy.

  3. I would have to add the Belgariad series by David Eddings
    and the first Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R Donaldson was unique and powerful.

    • I haven’t read either, though I’ve heard good things about both. One day perhaps, I’ll get round to these and some others that I’ve missed so far…

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