11 comments on “Must Have Fantasy Novels, part 2

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  2. With all the amazing books that David Eddings wrote, you choose The Redemption of Althalus?!?!
    Ok, I’m still going to save this list on my “to-re-read” folder, I’ve read most of the books but I intend to take a look at the remainder. Still, I’ve read all of the Sparhawk and Belgarion novels and every one of them is better than the witty-to-the-point-of-silliness story of Althalus… oh well, can’t win them all!

    • I enjoyed Althalus, though it was some years ago that I read it (same can be said for many on this list actually). The easy answer though, is that I’ve not really read Eddings. I have done the Tamuli (which I also enjoyed) and Belgarath the Sorcerer (which I couldn’t really get in to so much) but that’s it. I keep meaning to try some of the others but never get round to getting hold of them…

      • You should really take a stab at the Sparhawk novels, I’ve read them all about 3 or 4 times and loved them every time 🙂 Plus I find that the character ensemble, while similar in both series – Eddings has a set of archetypes he recycles – is much better in the Sparhawk series. Oh and they’re six instead of ten so there’s that too haha

  3. I have an omnibus edition of the Tamuli, which I thought was quite good, but haven’t read the Elenium. I think either a friend or my dad has the books of the Elenium though, and I’ve mentioned to both that I’d like to give them a try. At the moment though I’m ploughing my way through Malice and have A Memory of Light waiting when that’s done. Then there’s The Daylight War out soon…

    • Yeah I can relate to that… 😀 I haven’t been able to read all of the Robert Jordan novels yet, I got stuck on the third on the first try, the second time I got to the sixth novel, and now I’m taking my time reading the eight… but all of that stuff about the orb of winds and that incessant whining from Rand just bugs the crap out of me! lol
      On the other hand I recently read Prince of Thorns which was really great and now I’m reading the Malazan series which I’m finding ridiculously good! The Daylight War will be read the second in comes into my hands 😀
      Oh and Pat Rothfuss rules! The Name of the Wind is probably hands down my favourite book so… there’s that!

  4. Admittedly, I think Jordan’s Wheel of Time was becoming a bit stale but Brandon Sanderson has done brilliantly to bring it back and to do so without straying from the “feel” of the previous books. Prince of Thorns is one of those books that I keep seeing in Amazon recommendations and the like and I think I’ll end up picking up a copy at some point.
    Malazan… I really liked Gardens of the Moon, quite liked Deadhouse Gates and then didn’t even finish Memories of Ice.
    The one series in my list that I really like and that I never seem to see mentioned anywhere is Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt. Gotta love an author who can bring out 8 excellent books at a rate of 2 per year!

    • I actually read the first Shadows of the Apt book and liked it a lot! Just didn’t continue at the time because: A – i only bought the first; B – I had either Rothfuss or Brett to read and that just kills any others… 😀

  5. I’m currently reading THE WARDED MAN (aka THE PAINTED MAN), and even just halfway through the book, I can completely see why you’ve included that on this list. Damn good work.

    I also loved THE NAME OF THE WIND. That Rothfuss manages to make a book, that’s essentially one massive flashback, exciting is impressive as hell. Flashbacks are often tension killers, but not with Kvothe’s tale. That book got me excited about fantasy novels again, and gave me hope for fresh exciting material for fantasy readers. For a long time, the traditional fantasy genre just went very stale.

    As for your remark about having a hard time getting into THE EYE OF THE WORLD, I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me. It required three separate attempts for me to get into that book. I can also give it the oddest compliment of any book I’ve ever read: Hated the ending to that book. I thought it was absolutely awful, but Jordan did such a great job selling me on the characters and the reality that I just couldn’t resist going for the second book. I still think THE GREAT HUNT might be the best book in the first half of the series.

  6. The way of shadows in better then the black prism. I read both books and i thing the way of shadows is the better of the two. The way of shadows is the best book i have ever read. The night angel trilogy is the best series i have ever read followed by the Demon cycle series that the painted man is in.

  7. Followed your Reddit link here. great list as I commented there.

    Oh and how awesome was it not to have to way 5 years between the night angel books? props to mr. weeks for knocking those out in spectacular fashion in one fell swoop.

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