2 comments on “Full Review – A Memory of Light

  1. Excellent review Dom!
    When I got the book, I started reading it right away (I was about a week off getting it because of moving to extreme NW Washington and sadly didn’t know it had been published.) I was surprised and amazed at the ‘well doneness’ of the final book of the WoT series. I’d have given it a higher score than you did — something in the 90s. I was unhappy at some of the outcomes for some of the characters. I did not understand the ‘how’ of the Epilogue (ie what happened? how? MORE information!!). I also did not understand the difference of style and you explained that. Thank you.

    • Hey Tarma 🙂
      I admit I really enjoyed the book, and a lot more than I expected to. The review score is on a little nerdy algorithm rather than a number I’ve picked for it. I’m trying to as unbiased a score as possible when I put a rating up, so I independently score various points (like plot, characters etc) and then get the total from there.

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