Hi, I’m Dom and I welcome you to my blog.  What is there to know about me?  Well, if I say I’m in my 30s, I suppose that gives me the best part of a decade before I’d need to update things.  I’m an avid reader of fantasy fiction, and this blog is primarily a platform for me to review what I’ve been reading recently. I’m a also writer at heart, although I’ve just not had the time (maybe the inspiration) to get back to my writing, after neglecting it for far too long.  I live in Fareham, UK with my gorgeous wife and adorable daughter and I’m known to be fatal to certain types of sweets and chocolates.

The books I read are almost exclusively from the fantasy genre.  I can honestly count the non-fantasy fiction books I’ve read in the last 15 or so years on one hand.  My current favourite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, John Gwynne and Peter V Brett, along with old favourites Raymond E Feist, David Gemmell and George R R Martin.

I try to be as impartial as possible in reviewing books, so instead of giving a plain rating when I’ve read something, I score the book in a number of different areas (characters, world, plot and more) and then produce a calculated rating based on all of these factors together.  The results are sometimes surprising even to me, but I find this to be a fairer way than a simple 5 star rating system. Writing a thousand plus word review is not always the easiest thing to do, so some of the reviews will be marked “full review” and those that aren’t will be a mini review of 200 words.

5 comments on “About

    • Hi, I’m happy to receive submissions for review, though I have no Kindle-type device and so would be reading on the PC which I’m not a fan of. If the book’s relatively short however, I maybe able to read it on my phone which I don’t normally do (again, it’s a comfort preference)…

    • The other comment won’t let me reply for some reason… That should be fine – I’m nearly finished with my current book, so as long as I can find a comfortable method of reading it, I can give yours a go next perhaps. You can mail it to me at dom[dot]gaidin[at]gmail[dot]com if you like and I’ll have a play with getting it on my phone or maybe pc for reading 🙂

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