Reviewed Books Hall of Fame

I’ve not rated every book I’ve read, as I’ll only do those that are fresh enough to be scored accurately, but those I have scored are ranked below: (Reviews linked where available)

  1. Ruin, John Gwynne – 95%
  2. Heir of Novron, Michael J. Sullivan – 94%
  3. Theft of Swords, Michael J. Sullivan – 93%
  4. Valour, John Gwynne – 92%
  5. Seal of the Worm, Adrian Tchaikovsky – 91%
  6. Rise of Empire, Michael J. Sullivan – 87%
  7. Winter Warriors, David Gemmell – 84%
  8. A Memory of Light, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson – 83%
  9. Blood Song, Anthony Ryan – 83%
  10. Malice, John Gwynne – 81%
  11. War Master’s Gate, Adrian Tchaikovsky – 80%
  12. Night Watch, Terry Pratchett – 80%
  13. Righteous Fury, Markus Heitz – 79%
  14. The Republic of Thieves, Scott Lynch – 78%
  15. Drakenfeld, Mark Charan Newton – 78%
  16. Among Thieves, Douglas Hulick – 75%
  17. A Crown Imperilled, Raymond E. Feist – 74%
  18. Legend, David Gemmell – 73%
  19. The Copper Promise, Jen Williams – 72%
  20. The Air War, Adrian Tchaikovsky – 72%
  21. Pawn of Prophecy, David Eddings – 71%
  22. A Dance of Cloaks, David Dalglish – 71%
  23. The Daylight War, Peter V Brett – 69%
  24. Magician’s End, Raymond E. Feist – 68%
  25. The Emperor’s Blades, Brian Staveley – 68%
  26. The Blade Itself, Joe Abercrombie – 67%
  27. Den of Thieves, David Chandler – 65%
  28. It Began With Ashes, DEM Emrys – 62%
  29. The Red Knight, Miles Cameron – 60%
  30. Once in a Blue Moon, Simon R Green – 58%
  31. Prince of Thorns, Mark Lawrence – 57%
  32. The Legend of Drizzt Collected Stories, RA Salvatore – 53%
  33. The City, Stella Gemmell – 51%
  34. The Grim Company, Luke Scull – 48%
  35. The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Pat Rothfuss – 45%

3 comments on “Reviewed Books Hall of Fame

  1. Hi there Dom. Just found your blog and tend to have a lot of the same opinions about many of the books you review. I am always looking for new tips on what I might enjoy reading, hence why I was searching and found this page. I shall be back for some guidance 🙂 I also found Gemmell and Feist work the most entertaining and favourites. More recently, I likeWeeks, Gwynne, Brett and Ryan novels as first rate newcomers. I’m just reading the wheel of time series now and taking a break as there is so much to get through, although I do love marathon reads!

    I can’t say I enjoyed Abercrombie books I have read or read much of the Mark Lawrence’s book which I started….. If you get bored or fed up with some of the newer books coming out, you might want to check out Melanie Rawn’s dragon prince, dragon star and exiles series if you haven’t read them before. It’s been a while since I did. Interesting to see what you’re take on them would be. Also, the axis trilogy and subsequent connected series by Sara Douglass was worth looking at, although it has been years since I read these too.

    • Hi Donald, thanks for checking in. I’ve not looked in to Douglass, but I have Dragon Prince and Dragon Scroll (plus one random other) by Melanie Rawn on my bookshelf. I quite enjoyed them both, though I can’t remember much about them now. I did get my hands on book 3 in that series but for some reason just never got around to reading it before it went back to the library (my wife managed to find it there and get it out).


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